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VetConnect 13-Week Small Group Support Training Curriculum

The following are the concepts that will be presented, explored and discussed on the video as a prelude to a guided group discussion.

  1. Feelings during reintegration: ambivalence, boredom, frustration with “new normal,” claustrophobia
  1. Loneliness, sense of isolation while processing unusual experiences
  1. Understanding and grieving losses
  1. Depression, suicidal issues
  1. Reinventing relationships with families, civilian culture
  1. Anger issues and anger management
  1. Addictions

    Click here to see an excerpt from the Session 7 video.
  1. Hidden wounds
  2. Forgiveness, forgiven-ness
  1. Job issues, finances
  1. Family, children (what they feel, what they need, how changes in parents affect them and the relationship between spouses when reuniting).
  2. Hope, acceptance of new normal
  1. Next steps in faith and entering into serving relationships